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Porcelain Tile

Porcelain tiles are usually from resistant tiles and manufactured using clays to have specific properties. The extremely high firing temperature result in a tile that is stain and scratch –resistant and harder than a granite tile. Porcelain tile is produced with ether glazed porcelain or unglazed porcelain tile material. Unglazed porcelains are usually through-body with regard to tile color, while glazed porcelain tiles are most often glazed over white or full body tile material. Unglazed porcelain tiles have higher slip resistance than glazed tiles, they are also be more difficult to clean than the glazed porcelains.

Glazed Colored-Body Porcelain

combines best qualities of glazed tiles (reduced maintenance issues , increased color and design selection) with those of unglazed tiles(body color)

Shade variations – tile variation in shade and color are inherent in all fired clay products. This natural quality contributes to the overall visual characteristics of ceramic tile.

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